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Welcome to my blog! My name is Douglas Bernanke. I have always wanted to start a business and have had the finances and knowledge to do so. But something has always occurred in my life that has interfered, whether it be my sick mom or a brother who desperately needed help getting back on his feet. But I have kept the entrepreneurial flames burning and have continued to research and prepare for the day when I will finally take the plunge and start my business. If you are like me and want to be highly prepared and informed before jumping into the world of business, this is the blog for you!



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Starting A Business Made 50% Easier


Changes That You Need To Notify Your Bail Bondsman About

If you are out of jail on bond and used a bail bonds company to get out of jail, the bond company is responsible for you showing up to jail later. Some things can happen while you are awaiting trial that you need to let your bond agent know about so that they are informed and you are following the terms of your bail.  New Job One thing you need to list on your bond application is your place of employment.

Why You Might Want To Stock Up On Pressurized Growlers

Pressurized growlers are devices used to transport beer, specifically a draft beer. The device works by providing an airtight seal that helps keep the beer fresh by stopping the leaking of CO2, allowing carbonation to remain. Here's why you might want to make use of one of these devices: You Make Your Own Craft Beer Are you a big fan of brewing your own beers at home? There may come a time when you are confident enough in your recipe that you want to start sharing your brews with others.

3 Critical Tips When Selecting A Fire Sprinkler System For A Commercial Building

One of the more important systems you could equip in your commercial building is a fire sprinkler system. The threat of a fire is always possible, but with the right system, you'll be covered and can minimize damage. Choosing one of these systems will be easy when you consider these tips.  Choose a Comprehensive Design Fires can spread pretty fast and do so in a chaotic manner. Predicting its direction is almost impossible, so it's important to cover your basis when choosing a fire sprinkler system.

4 Tips For Advertising Your Cash Loans Business

If you run a pawn shop, payday loan shop, or another shop that offers cash loans for customers, then you probably want to do what you can to bring in business. After all, you may want to provide helpful services for those in your area who might need cash right away. Plus, you might be hoping to run a nice, profitable business. These are a few ways that you can advertise your cash loans business so that you can bring in more business.

3 Good Reasons To Rent An Electronic Scale For Your Business

From weighing packages that have to be shipped to weighing products and merchandise coming into a store, electronic scales serve a variety of purposes for business owners. These scales are not cheap, so investing in them can be pretty costly. Having access to these pieces of equipment because of a rental store can be a highly valuable thing if you have weighing needs and need to save money. However, there are several other advantages for business owners who have access to electronic scale rentals as well.

It's Limousine Season! Four Events Occurring From Late April Through Late June

From late April to late June, there are five events for which a limousine transportation service is frequently booked, and for which limo companies are overbooked. If you are celebrating any one of these events, you have to book a month or more in advance to get your limo. Here is the list of events that are commonly celebrated in these months, and the reasons why it is so difficult to get a limo if you do not book and reserve it far in advance with a cash deposit.

Should You Get An Office Or Practice Therapy From Your Home?

When first starting a therapy private practice, many people might ask themselves the same question: do I really need an office, or can I conduct my therapy sessions inside of my own home? Holding therapy sessions inside of one's home is a time-honored tradition, but there are a few things that you might want to consider. Do You Have the Space? To practice therapy from your home, you generally need a dedicated space for it.

Tips For Making Your Blog More Secure From Hackers

Whether you have a simple and small blog that you want to share with friends or if you have a bigger and more popular blog, keeping your blog safe and secure from hackers is probably something that is very important to you. Even though hackers can sometimes beat even the most secure websites, you can help make your blog much more difficult for hackers to get into by following these steps:

Rent A Double Decker Boat For A Day Of Fun On The Water With A Group Of Friends

Wanting to spend a day out on the water with a group of your closest friends? Even if you do not have a boat, you can rent out one of the double decker pontoons that are available. The pontoons provide plenty of space for groups of people looking to have a fun time while sailing on the water, enjoying the view, and creating some wonderful memories. If you would like to rent out one of these pontoons, there are a few things you are going to need to figure out.

Find The Right Truck Driving Job For You

New jobs are hard, and when you are looking for one that is just right for you, it can take what seems like forever to find it. The best jobs go to drivers with experience and training because companies don't want their trucks torn up by rookie drivers, making mistakes behind the wheel. But with enough persistence, you will find the right job. Define The Right Job For You Define what you want from your perfect job before you start looking but be realistic about your skills and experience.

3 Important Facets Of A Well-Designed HVAC Supply And Service Business

If there is one service that is always in high demand, it is those who can cater to the needs of customers who need help with their HVAC systems. Keeping comfortable at home or at a place of business is all about the HVAC system, and these systems are always in need of parts, maintenance, and attention. If you have experience in the HVAC industry, building a business model around that experience can definitely be lucrative.

What You Should Know About Your Home Propane Tank

Keeping your home on propane can help you reduce costs to power and heat your home, and is a cleaner option for the environment. But having a propane tank in your yard comes with some knowledge you need to know to maintain and manage it. Here are some tips you need to know to help you be a smart propane-using homeowner. Read the Gauge It is important to know yow to read the gauge on your propane tank.

Four Necessary Components Of Exhibit Design For Ultimate Success

Heading to trade shows can be a little stressful. You need to first secure your booth or exhibit space and confirm that you will be there. Then there the is the "little issue" of having an exhibit/booth that will attract plenty of attention. You have to avoid the most basic elements of exhibits if you are going to get the attention you want. Enlisting the help of a company that offers exhibit design services is exactly what you need to create the visual impact you want.

How Can Bullet Wound First Aid Kits Come In Handy For Police Officers?

Working as police officer is a dangerous job. These individuals put their lives on the line to protect hundreds and thousands of different citizens. Although some areas may not experience nearly as much crime as others, police officers never know what to expect. Because the job is dangerous and there's always a possibility of someone getting shot, it's important for the police to carry bullet wound first aid kits with them in their vehicles.

Choosing Colors For Your Custom Frames

With custom frames you have the opportunity to choose the perfect combination of size, material, color, sheen, and more. Choosing that color is crucial because it can draw attention to or away from the picture itself. A successful frame color selection showcases the picture in the frame and doesn't let it blend in with the wall, yet it doesn't overpower the picture either. The color choice also depends on the location of the picture and its purpose in the room.

Three Tips For Running Your Laundromat

If you're interested in starting a laundromat business, it's important that you touch base with someone that can sell you the laundromat equipment that you need. By contacting the help of some pros in your area, you'll be able to not only buy the best laundromat equipment for the job but also do your best to run your company with care. To this end, take some time to read these tips below and then reach out to a professional that can help you out:

Just Bought Your First Home? 3 Reasons A Front Door Installation Can Be A Good Idea

Replacing the front door may not seem like an obvious thing to do as soon as you move into an older home, but it can be a great move when you're feeling unsure about this new transition in your life. If the home you have purchased is your first home, you may be feeling afraid as a new homeowner. With the following benefits that come with getting a new front door installed, you can feel good about making this change to your home and enjoy the various benefits that it can provide for you and your family.

How To Get The Most Money When Selling Scrap Metal

Scrap metal recycling can be a wonderful thing. Not only do you have the chance to help the environment, you can also earn yourself a nice profit. If you've taken the time to gather a nice haul you might think that's all you need to do. However, if you truly want to maximize your return, it's best to go a few steps further. No matter what goodies you happen to have in your sack, there are still some things that you can do.

Four Reasons To Take That Temp Job

Applying for work through a staffing agency is a great way to get your resume out to many employers in your area, which means you are sure to find work much faster along with a job that perfectly fits your skills and experiences. Many people are hesitant about this, however, because they are worried about only getting a temp job, which is usually the case when you are hired through a staffing agency.

The Pros And Cons Of Using An Employee Credential Check System When Hiring Employees

When you are looking to hire employees, it is important to fully do a background check the employee and ensure their credentials and qualifications check out. If you fail to do so, you may be putting your business at risk for harm. You may be allowing a child predator to work in a child care facility, exposing yourself to a huge liability, you may be allowing a convicted thief in to steal from you, or you may be allowing someone who is not qualified in, only to have to fire them later for being unable to do the job.

Three Tips For Avoiding Problems With Your Research Peptides

Research peptides can be essential chemicals for many enterprises and researchers. Unfortunately, it is common for storage errors to compromise the integrity of these peptides. After you buy research peptides, you should then use a few storage guidelines to avoid common mishaps. Keep The Peptides In A Dark Location Peptides can be extremely sensitive and prone to reacting to intense light. The energy from the lights can interact with the peptides, which can result in them breaking down to their component ingredients.

3 Features That Good Point Of Sale Systems Have

The point of sale system is where retailers actually collect payment and make sales. Because it has such an essential role in retail, selecting the right point of sale system is vitally important. If you own a retail store, here are three features to look for in a point of sale system. An EMV Chip Reader First, every point of sale system you consider should have an EMV chip reader. These are the readers that let systems process credit card payments using chips -- and that's something your business should be doing.

Temporary Work Can Be An Enjoyable Way To Pay The Bills When You're Between Permanent Jobs

If you're getting frustrated with your job search and lack of income, it may be time to take a temporary job until something more permanent comes along. There are pros and cons to taking temporary work, but if you've been unemployed for a long time, the pros will probably outweigh the cons. Here's a look at why you should consider a temporary job and what kind of work you might find:

Three Things You Need Before Starting A Home Handyman Service

Do you have a knack for fixing things around your home? If so and you are looking for a new career or a way to make extra cash, then starting your home handyman service may be just the thing. Beyond a set of reliable tools, there are a few other things you need to get started if you want to begin this new endeavor on the right foot. #1: Reliable transportation

Looking To Hire New Church Employees But Never Had To Do So? Tips For You

When you are the pastor, preacher, or priest for a church, you are essentially the person in charge of the day-to-day operations of your church. While you may have committees and boards that are in charge of certain activities and areas of church life, you are largely responsible at least in part for most hiring decisions for the church. If you have had the same staff working with you since you came to the church, the idea of hiring new staff members may be a daunting one.

Do You Need Insurance? Covering Yourself During A Move

Moving can be very high risk. Not only are you moving all of your personal effects, but you also may be moving it on your own -- which means that you could end up involved in an accident. The best way to protect yourself is insurance, but there are a lot of different types of insurance you need to consider.  Moving Truck Insurance Moving truck companies will generally offer you insurance upon rental.

5 Decoration Tips For Your Mardi Gras Office Party

Throwing an office party with a Mardi Gras theme is a great way to let your employees relax and encourage team bonding. To help set the tone for your party and make sure your employees get into the spirit, it is important to carefully choose your decorations. Follow these five tips for a positive Mardi Gras office party experience.  Consider the Tone You Want to Set When you first think about Mardi Gras, you will likely think of the outdoor events such as concerts and parades.

Why You Should Consider Getting Qualified For Information Assurance Jobs

Are you interested in finding a career that is rewarding and has a competitive salary? You have likely been told that careers in the information technology sector are in-demand and that need is expected to continue to grow. Perhaps you have been exploring various career paths in this industry. If so, it is worth your time to consider information assurance jobs. Regardless of whether you are a recent high-school graduate or an individual who is transitioning into a different industry, this position in the IT field could be right for you.

Why Ink Fingerprinting Services Are Ideal For Families

Many modern-day families do not understand how ink fingerprinting services can help them. Even if you have not started having children, this type of service can be beneficial. Perhaps you do not have plans of having children but have aging parents. Fingerprinting services can also be beneficial to you in that case. The following points will help you to better understand how this service can give your family peace of mind and preserve its integrity.

Creative Ways To Reuse Used Colored Shipping Tubes

Whether you use colored shipping tubes in your home or business, you probably already know that they come with many advantages. For instance, a brightly colored mailing tube gets the attention of recipients much more quickly than their drab counterparts, and they may also serve to capture and retain the attention of postal personnel, ensuring careful and timely handling. However, simply throwing away the tubes after they've served their purpose seems somewhat of a waste of good material.

How To Replace A Car Battery

Car batteries are one of the most essential parts of your vehicle. Without a properly functioning battery, your car's electronics, lights, and even ignition system won't work, effectively leaving your car a massive waste of space in your driveway. If your battery has been performing poorly and no longer holds a charge, it may be time for you to replace it. Thankfully, this is a relatively simple process that you can complete in just a couple of minutes with the right tools.

Custom Stickers For Your Business: What Works, What Doesn't

A big box store hands out yellow smiley-face stickers to children as you walk in the door. Another retail chain offers red bull's eye stickers to kids in checkout lanes. Why would these stores create custom stickers and then hand them out for free? The answer is simple: symbolic, subliminal advertising. Not only do the parents understand exactly what the symbolic stickers mean, but kids readily remember where they got free stickers and request to go to the same stores again, thereby ensuring future generations of customers.

Photo ID Cards: Security Features You Can Add For Optimum Security

Most businesses these days utilize photo ID cards. However, they are not always secure because basic ID cards can be reproduced fraudulently. If you want to make absolutely certain that every person entering your building is an actual employee, you should add some security features to your company badges. Bar Codes and Scanners This is the next step up from basic ID badges. Every employee gets a unique bar code that contains their information.

How Skilled Do Your IT Professionals Need To Be?

Getting the best of the best is a great goal, but it's not always viable when it comes to budget. The best often know how much they're worth for specific tasks, and prefer to work either at their skill level or for higher compensation if they need to reach back into rookie tasks. To understand what your project, staffing positions, or contract goals need to be when looking for temporary or agency-supplied professionals, here's a look into some of the IT roles you may need to consider.

3 Tips For Buying A Food Truck

If you are looking for an exciting way to meet new people while generating a monthly income, then investing in a food truck might be the answer. Food trucks are essentially mobile concession stands that can serve a variety of foods. The success of your future food truck business will depend on the quality of the equipment within the food truck that you purchase. Here are three tips that you should keep in mind when investing in a food truck to ensure that you get the best deal possible.

3 Important Advantages Of Having Your Business Meetings Transcribed Into Document Form

As a business owner, there has probably been a time or two when you have held a meeting and walked away just hoping you could remember all that took place so it could later be recalled. Meetings, whether they are meetings between business partners or meetings with employee or clients, serve as the starting point for some pretty major things. One of the easiest ways to make sure the discussions and information shared during a meeting have a proper record is by having the audio from the meeting transcribed into document form.

Busy And Can't Find The Time To Clean? Tips On Hiring A Domestic Housekeeper

If you have a busy life with your job, kids, etc., it can be difficult have time to properly clean your home. Not having a clean home is not only unsanitary but also likely makes you feel inadequate. Fortunately, you can hire a domestic housekeeper and always have a clean home. Below are some tips on hiring a housekeeper so you will feel comfortable bringing a stranger into your home.

3 Tips To Keep In Mind When Designing An Office Space For Two

Sharing an office can be a great option if you and your partner work together at home or you rent out a small office space with a coworker. Whatever your situation is for your office, it's a good idea to know exactly what to look for when visiting furniture stores. By keeping an eye out for the right furniture, you can make sure that you're able to work productively and that the office works great despite its size.