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Welcome to my blog! My name is Douglas Bernanke. I have always wanted to start a business and have had the finances and knowledge to do so. But something has always occurred in my life that has interfered, whether it be my sick mom or a brother who desperately needed help getting back on his feet. But I have kept the entrepreneurial flames burning and have continued to research and prepare for the day when I will finally take the plunge and start my business. If you are like me and want to be highly prepared and informed before jumping into the world of business, this is the blog for you!



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Starting A Business Made 50% Easier

Three Things You Need Before Starting A Home Handyman Service

by Courtney Kennedy

Do you have a knack for fixing things around your home? If so and you are looking for a new career or a way to make extra cash, then starting your home handyman service may be just the thing. Beyond a set of reliable tools, there are a few other things you need to get started if you want to begin this new endeavor on the right foot.

#1: Reliable transportation

People often call in a handyman service for home repairs that they need completed quickly, so you don't want to leave a client waiting because your car won't start. Have your car tuned up and inspected before you launch your business, and then keep up on regular maintenance like oil changes and tire care. If you plan to advertise on your vehicle, which can be a low-cost method to get the word out about your service, you will also need to consider the cosmetic appeal appeal of your car. It doesn't need to be in tip top shape, but it should be clean and relatively well maintained. Use magnetic car advertisement signs to both advertise your service and cover minor body damage.

#2: Consider a uniform

The best way to compete with a corporate handyman service is to look as professional as they do but to offer the personal service that only a small owner operated business can offer. To achieve this, consider having t-shirts or polo shirts printed with your business name as well as your name. This can also help put clients at ease when you come to the door, because it is easy to verify that you are the service that they called.The rest of your clothing should be clean and in good repair, and make sure to attend to your personal hygiene on a daily basis. Clients feel more comfortable with a relatively clean cut service person in their home.

#3: Invest in a good portable toolbox

Your tools are your bread and butter, but it can get tiring carrying them in and out of homes. For this reason alone, consider investing in a heavy duty toolbox on wheels. This way you can easily wheel the toolbox up to your client's door, which will help save your back. It also allows you to bring your tools into your home at the end of each workday, since you don't want to lose these important items to theft. When selecting a toolbox, look for a model designed to travel. It should have multiple compartments to help keep things organized even as they shift during transport. The compartments should also latch securely so they don't come open in your car. Companies like Idaho Tool & Equipment can help you find what you need.

With some planning and a bit of advertising, you can make your repair service a success