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Starting A Business Made 50% Easier

What You Should Know About Your Home Propane Tank

by Courtney Kennedy

Keeping your home on propane can help you reduce costs to power and heat your home, and is a cleaner option for the environment. But having a propane tank in your yard comes with some knowledge you need to know to maintain and manage it. Here are some tips you need to know to help you be a smart propane-using homeowner.

Read the Gauge

It is important to know yow to read the gauge on your propane tank. As a homeowner, you will need to know the basics of how the tank operates and what to watch for when the propane levels fall.

The propane in your tank is in a liquid form, which gives off a gas vapor within the tank and is what is used to power your home's appliances. As the vapor comes off the liquid and is used, the liquid levels fall. The gauge on your tank measures the liquid level, and when the gauge falls below 50 percent capacity, it will near the yellow, orange, or red colored indicator on the gauge. These coloring indicators let you know your tank is nearing empty and you should reorder propane if you have not already.

Keep the Tank Filled

One problem that can occur with your home propane tank is if you do not watch your propane use and the tank becomes empty. This can occur, for example, if you use more propane than normal by running additional appliances. First, you will not have the propane needed to run your home's systems, and an empty tank can cause a hazard to your home.

When the propane tank becomes empty, the propane line from the tank to your home will lose pressure, requiring a propane delivery technician to remedy the situation. Notify your propane delivery company and order more for a delivery as soon as possible, letting them know your tank is empty. The propane delivery technician will be able to refill the tank and the line and also make sure your home appliances are working properly without any propane leaks in your home.

Order More Propane

Because it may not be convenient for you to check your propane tank gauge as often as necessary to monitor its level, determining a regular delivery schedule is a good option. Talk to your propane delivery company about how often they recommend a delivery and the quantity of propane you may need. For example, if your stove, furnace, water heater, inground pool heater, and clothes dryer all run on propane, you may go through more propane that if just your home's heating system and water heater use it.

Regular propane delivery will keep your home tank filled and with available propane. This will also help you avoid having to make the trip out to your tank to check its gauge during adverse weather conditions.