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Starting A Business Made 50% Easier

Creative Ways To Reuse Used Colored Shipping Tubes

by Courtney Kennedy

Whether you use colored shipping tubes in your home or business, you probably already know that they come with many advantages. For instance, a brightly colored mailing tube gets the attention of recipients much more quickly than their drab counterparts, and they may also serve to capture and retain the attention of postal personnel, ensuring careful and timely handling. However, simply throwing away the tubes after they've served their purpose seems somewhat of a waste of good material. Recycling them is an option, but you can also put them to good use in your home or business. Following are creative strategies for reusing colored shipping tubes.

Host an Art Contest

After you've got enough used colored shipping tubes saved up, host an art contest to see who can come up with the most creative and innovative object using the tubes as raw material. If you can't wait until you've amassed enough tubes, ask local businesses if they'd consider donating them to your cause. It's also possible that the businesses may want to get in on the action and sponsor a company or community wide colored shipping tube art contest. You might even be able to get the local news outlets interested and involved in the project. Who knows, it could become a regular event in your community, so reach out to everyone you know and watch the fun. 

Store Stuff

Colored shipping tubes provide safe places to store important documents such as property deeds, birth and marriage certificates, last will and testaments, and other important papers. The tubes will keep these items safe from damage by dust, debris, humidity, and UV rays as well as keep them out of the reach of prying eyes and hands. You'll be able to store them in discreet locations such as the top shelves of closets or tucked under beds. Used mailing tubes also make excellent options for temporarily storing photographs. 

If you're crafty, you can use the tubes to store all manner of items that you use in your projects, such as scraps of fabric, buttons, ribbons, and other loose items that would normally cause a tangled jumble in an all-purpose drawer. You can also use mailing tubes to store those plastic bags they give you at the grocery store so that you can reuse them as trash bags in your home or office. Simply stuff them into the tubes and give the one at the end a gentle tug when you want to take it out. 

Keep Cords Organized

Your old shipping tubes can also be used to keep your electrical cords from becoming a jumbled mess. Just thread each individual cord through a mailing tube (cut long tubes in half for this) and position them so that they lie flat on the floor.

Make Cat Toys Out of Them 

If you've shared your life with a feline friend for any length of time at all, you undoubtedly already know that cats almost always turn up their nose in disdain at commercially manufactured cat toys. However, if you place a cardboard box on the floor, the cat will be entertained for hours. The same thing goes with colored shipping tubes. Because they roll, all you have to do is place them on a smooth floor and your cat will bat them around. You can also punch a hole at one end and hang it from the ceiling with a bit of string or yarn. Be sure the tube reaches your cat at eye level, and watch your cat frolic and play. 

Let your imagination fly to come up with more uses for used mailing tubes.