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Starting A Business Made 50% Easier

5 Decoration Tips For Your Mardi Gras Office Party

by Courtney Kennedy

Throwing an office party with a Mardi Gras theme is a great way to let your employees relax and encourage team bonding. To help set the tone for your party and make sure your employees get into the spirit, it is important to carefully choose your decorations. Follow these five tips for a positive Mardi Gras office party experience. 

Consider the Tone You Want to Set

When you first think about Mardi Gras, you will likely think of the outdoor events such as concerts and parades. These events are filled with cheap, bright, flashy decorations. But there is a less popular aspect of Mardi Gras that happens every year. The krewe balls are more formal events that take place throughout the season. If you are a more upscale company and your entertainment budget can handle it, consider throwing a Mardi Gras ball as opposed to a party. Choose more subtle decorations, but keep the green, gold, and purple theme. 

Concentrate On the Entrance to the Party 

If you are hosting your party at your office, you should pay close attention to the entrance of the room where the party is held. By decorating the entrance extensively, you will make your employees feel like they are stepping into a different space and that they are not still at work. As they walk through the decorated door, there will be a shift in your employees' mentality, allowing them to get into the mood and enjoy the party. Streamers, wreaths, and beaded curtains are all good ways to separate your party space from the rest of your office. 

Have a Mask-Making Station 

Sometimes it can be difficult to get employees to participate in a party. But Mardi Gras themes are supposed to be high energy and fun, so it is important that you encourage participation and play if you want your party to be a success. You can get your employees involved by having a mask-making station. Lay out beads, feathers, paints, glitter, and plain masks to let employees express themselves. After making the mask, they can wear it throughout the party. The masks may help your employees feel comfortable relaxing and being silly. This is a good idea if you are having the party during work hours and the employees will not be able to go home and dress up for the party. 

If you don't want to have a mask-making station, consider getting the guests involved by having a cupcake-decorating station or another interactive area such as a photobooth. 

Focus On Decorations That Can Be Worn 

Besides masks, you will of course want to have beads at your party. But instead of affixing the beads to the walls, try to leave them strewn about the room so employees can pick them up and wear them. Throughout the party, the employees will become the decorations, so the room will stay festive and the party will be more fun. At the end of the party, the employees can take the beads home with them, which will save you time and effort when it comes to cleaning up the party area. 

Integrate Your Food Into Your Decor 

No party is complete without food, and if you turn your food into decorations, you can supply both food and decor for a low cost and with minimal effort. Any sweets can be turned into Mardi Gras decorations by adding green, gold, and purple sprinkles to them. Or you can get more creative by making cupcakes look like jester hats or turning pretzels into masks. For a healthy option, consider a green-and-purple cabbage salad served in a gold bowl. 

For more ideas, contact a company like Mardi Gras Supplies.