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Starting A Business Made 50% Easier

Changes That You Need To Notify Your Bail Bondsman About

by Courtney Kennedy

If you are out of jail on bond and used a bail bonds company to get out of jail, the bond company is responsible for you showing up to jail later. Some things can happen while you are awaiting trial that you need to let your bond agent know about so that they are informed and you are following the terms of your bail. 

New Job

One thing you need to list on your bond application is your place of employment. If you get a new job while you are awaiting trial, you must let your bond agent know that you are no longer working at the old job. For most people, this is not a big deal, but a change in employment can be a big deal if the bond agent comes to check up on you, and you are not there

Make sure you let them know where you are working and the address of the new job as soon as you change jobs. Waiting to tell them can look like you are hiding something or hiding from the bond agency. 

New Home or Residence

When you agree to the terms of the bond, you agree to keep the bond agency informed of things like a change in address. The bond agent needs to know where you are, so if you decide to move while you are under contract with the bond company, you have to let the company know right away.

If a bond agent comes to see you and you are not there, they may assume you are skipping or jumping bail, and they are well within their right to hunt you down and return you to jail at that point. Moving can be good if you are moving to a better part of town or a new apartment because you have a new job and are working to improve life. But make sure it is not seen as a way to hide from the court of the bail agent.

Marital Status

This is especially important for women, but cause getting married changes their names. If you get married while you are awaiting trial, let the court and your bail agent know about it. Give them your new name right away if you are taking one, and make sure they know where you are living after the wedding. Trying to take a honeymoon is not a good idea if you are still on a bail contract, but you can ask about a night or two in a specific location, and the bond agent may try to work that out for you.

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