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Starting A Business Made 50% Easier

Photo ID Cards: Security Features You Can Add For Optimum Security

by Courtney Kennedy

Most businesses these days utilize photo ID cards. However, they are not always secure because basic ID cards can be reproduced fraudulently. If you want to make absolutely certain that every person entering your building is an actual employee, you should add some security features to your company badges.

Bar Codes and Scanners

This is the next step up from basic ID badges. Every employee gets a unique bar code that contains their information. When scanned at the front desk or at certain scan points in the building, employees are granted access to the rest of the building or to special security clearance areas. Because their information is then stored in the company computers, you know exactly who scanned in and out of every area of the building all day long.

Magnetic Key Strip Badges

Another security feature you can add to company badges is a magnetic key strip. Now employees not only have to scan their badges to gain access, but they also have to use their badges as key cards to open doors. What is especially nice about adding this feature is that if any badge gives a false swipe or quietly alerts security, the magnetic strip denies access and delays and detains the fraud, thereby protecting other employees and the company as a whole.

Thumbprint Scans

Since every person, including twins, have unique thumbprints, you can request this feature be added to the badges. Every employee allows an image of their thumbs to be taken, which is then holographically imprinted on the badges. To gain access to an area or go through a door, the employee has to insert their badge to read the holographic thumbprint while simultaneously pressing that same thumb to the touch screen scanner. When both thumbprints line up, the door unlocks and/or opens. This is super high-tech, but if your company needs some serious security precautions, then it is worth the trouble and cost to install this program.

Finding the Right Badge Printing Company

Not all badge printing companies are able to add all of the above security features. However, you can ask the companies which features they offer, and then decide what features are most necessary to your company and its security needs. The badge printing companies are willing to provide you with whatever security features they do offer. If you need all of the above features on your company's photo ID cards, you may have to do a little digging to find the right company for that.