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Starting A Business Made 50% Easier

A Machine That Will Treat Muscle Pain And Swelling

by Courtney Kennedy

Maintaining a sedentary lifestyle can have dramatic effects on your muscles and you may experience stiffness, soreness, or swelling. It isn't always possible for an active schedule to be implemented, especially if you have endured an illness, are aging, or are living in a confined space. A circulation plus light therapy device can help minimize discomfort or physical signs of immobility. 

Target A Specific Body Part

A portable light therapy device is designed to improve circulation with the use of infrared technology and stimulating pulses. Each piece of equipment is designed to target a specific body part and will provide an end-user with a viable way to use the equipment while seated. For instance, if your feet and legs have been swollen and discomfort has been keeping you awake at night, purchase a machine that contains footpads and that is designed to stimulate the lower limbs, as well as the feet.

A unit will contain a resting spot, which can be used to anchor the body parts that are being targeted. With wireless control, the intensity of treatment can be adjusted. If the pulsating sensations are too strong or if it is difficult to adjust to the treatment, an individual who is using this type of equipment can switch to the lowest setting until they are accustomed to the manner in which the equipment operates.

Use The Machine On A Daily Basis

You may have a set schedule, which includes your daily work and leisure activities and the times that you intend on completing each one. Adding the use of a portable circulation plus light therapy device will not disrupt your normal routine and you can add this type of treatment in with other things that you normally do. For instance, if you enjoy taking a shower or a bath at night and shortly go to bed once you have finished, plan on using a portable machine before your bathing or showering session.

Pick one of your favorite chairs where you tend to relax at the end of the day. Get your machine set up and place it in front of the chair. Find one of your favorite programs on TV, or select a book that you are interested in, to keep your mind occupied during the treatment.

Adjust your machine to the specifications you prefer. Place the body parts that are affected upon the pads that are designed for contact. Repeat use daily and analyze how you are feeling at the end of each treatment. Increase or decrease treatment times and intensity levels, if necessary.

Contact a company for more information about circulation plus light therapy devices.