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Starting A Business Made 50% Easier

It's Limousine Season! Four Events Occurring From Late April Through Late June

by Courtney Kennedy

From late April to late June, there are five events for which a limousine transportation service is frequently booked, and for which limo companies are overbooked. If you are celebrating any one of these events, you have to book a month or more in advance to get your limo. Here is the list of events that are commonly celebrated in these months, and the reasons why it is so difficult to get a limo if you do not book and reserve it far in advance with a cash deposit. 


Everyone going to prom wants to go in style. They want to ride in a limo to the pre-prom dinner and then ride around until prom starts. The limo takes them to prom, drops them off, and then they find their own rides home for the night. If you or the kids pay for extra hours, the limo company driver will stick around until prom is over and then take all of the kids to their own homes or the after-prom party. 


Late spring and early summer are BIG wedding times. Baseball is just beginning, but it is not so far underway that the guys in the wedding party will not be missing anything. It is still cool enough that the bride will not sweat to death in her gown, too. The biggest thing these brides want is to be carted around in luxury, which means renting one or two limos to accommodate the entire wedding party and extended family members associated with the wedding party (e.g., father and mother of the bride and groom, etc.).


Both college graduation and high school graduation occurs in late May or early June. Arriving at the graduation ceremony in a limo is a popular way to mark the day as something special and eventful. Getting in a limo after graduation ceremonies are completed is symbolic of the success students wish to achieve in life. There may also be one or more graduation parties for graduates to attend, and getting to and from these parties in a limo just seems apropos. 

Memorial Day Services

Whether it is a funeral or a cavalcade honoring fallen soldiers, limos become part of many memorial day services. Some limos also serve to transport elderly veterans who cannot walk in Memorial Day parades. Most of these limos are already reserved for Memorial Day use way ahead of the events.