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Starting A Business Made 50% Easier

Two Reasons to Call a Bail Bonding Agent After Being Locked Up

by Courtney Kennedy

Being arrested and thrown in jail is one of those occurrences that is hard to plan for. You can be locked up for so many different reasons, many of them completely off of your radar until they actually happen. Do you have a protocol set in place to follow should you ever find yourself behind bars? If not, read further to see why one of the best things you can do is contact a bail bonding agent immediately.

Spend Less Time in Lockup

Although you may have enough money to cover your daily expenses, you might have a tough time trying to produce a lump sum at short notice. Are you easily able to get your hands on thousands of dollars in a short period of time? This is an important consideration, especially when you realize that being arrested on a felony charge could land you a bail amount of $50,000, possibly more. Imagine how hard and strenuous it could be for you to call around to everyone you know as you frantically attempt to gather up the funds. If everyone you speak with is only able to lend a small amount, your stint in jail could be a lot longer than you ever thought it would be.

The beauty of working with a bail bonding agent is that you're able to pay a small fraction of the total bail and then render monthly installments for the remainder. With a single call, you may be able to secure your release without having to worry about how you'll pay back all of the money you would have had to borrow if you took another route.

Know the Next Steps

Being arrested for the very first time can be quite frightening. You don't know what to expect and are constantly on edge because you're waiting for the next shoe to drop. It helps to have someone on your team who understands the system and can make it easier for you to navigate. This is what you get with a bail bonding agent. They'll keep you in the loop concerning court dates and other appearances so you're able to maintain your freedom as you see the case through to the end.

Bail bonds agents can be very knowledgeable confidants during harsh times. If you're ever locked up and want to secure your release, get on the phone with a bail bonding agent right away.