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Starting A Business Made 50% Easier

How Skilled Do Your IT Professionals Need To Be?

by Courtney Kennedy

Getting the best of the best is a great goal, but it's not always viable when it comes to budget. The best often know how much they're worth for specific tasks, and prefer to work either at their skill level or for higher compensation if they need to reach back into rookie tasks. To understand what your project, staffing positions, or contract goals need to be when looking for temporary or agency-supplied professionals, here's a look into some of the IT roles you may need to consider.

Computer Repairs And New Users Are Entry Level

The top IT staff can't waste time adding new users or removing a virus from a computer as soon as an employee's system is infected. Although computers may feel like cherished machines with important data requiring skilled technicians, virus removal is an entry level task until the entry level talent can't solve the problem.

Most break/fix issues, installations, and un-installations are the everyday tasks of people who are new to the IT world or have picked up a certification in the help desk field. This is because most repairs are closer to automated fixes that need a skilled navigator, and can be time consuming because of the need for careful monitoring.

The help desk department is managed by a skilled professional, and usually by a person who with certifications such a CompTIA's A+ or a 4 year degree with relevant experience. 4-6 years of experience is good for a manager if the help desk department is separate from other IT operations, such as having separate networking, security, and project management departments.

If your IT department is just a dozen or so staff members, a manager with multiple certification areas is necessary.

Look For Specializations

It's good to hire well-rounded technicians, but keep in mind that salary demands may be higher for someone who maintains not only skill levels, but certified proof of those skill levels. If you need to control your budget, look for other staffing options. 

If your business utilizes a network that requires a programmable switch such as a Cisco programmable device or other complex IT assets, a network administrator is necessary. This engineer needs to be focused on specific networking information and can't be tied up in general help desk concerns.

Security professionals work with every IT department when it comes to figuring out how to best protect your network. At the same time, they need to be independent of other department managers and in charge of figuring out how to best apply security practices.

There are many different disciplines within the IT world, as well as various niche studies within those disciplines. Speak with an employment staffing services professional to discuss different professionals who can work across general needs, bring critical thinking to specific needs, or work across a combination of the two.