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Starting A Business Made 50% Easier

Busy And Can't Find The Time To Clean? Tips On Hiring A Domestic Housekeeper

by Courtney Kennedy

If you have a busy life with your job, kids, etc., it can be difficult have time to properly clean your home. Not having a clean home is not only unsanitary but also likely makes you feel inadequate. Fortunately, you can hire a domestic housekeeper and always have a clean home. Below are some tips on hiring a housekeeper so you will feel comfortable bringing a stranger into your home.

Find a Domestic Housekeeper

There are many websites that offer finding a housekeeper for you. These sites do their own background checks, credit checks, and check past references. This will ensure you hire someone that you can trust. Use several services to help you find someone that will fit well with your family.

You need to consider what you can offer to pay. Make sure what you offer is competitive and fair wage and you will have no problem finding someone. Paying a good wage can also prevent a high turnover.

When you sign up with an online staffing agency like Coastal Estate Staffing, you will need to list all the job duties you expect of this person. Once you have a list of what you want to compare that to the experience the housekeepers have until you find one that is the right match. Be specific in what you expect of them so they will not be surprised if you ask them to do something. For example, you may want them to cook dinner for you and your family along with cleaning your home.

Give Them a Trial Period

Once you find someone that you want to hire, walk the housekeeper through your home room by room and tell them what you expect in each room. Observe them as they work throughout your home and make sure everything is clean when they finish. You do not want them to cut corners, such as vacuuming around things instead of under things. It can be helpful to give the person a list of duties you want them to do. The housekeeper may be nervous at first so do not expect them to do the job perfectly in the beginning.

If you hire someone through a staffing agency, they can provide you with another housekeeper if the housekeeper does not work well for you.

If you have children in the home, make sure the housekeeper interacts with them well, as they will likely be around them a lot.

These two tips will help you get started finding the perfect housekeeper for your home.