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Starting A Business Made 50% Easier

3 Tips To Keep In Mind When Designing An Office Space For Two

by Courtney Kennedy

Sharing an office can be a great option if you and your partner work together at home or you rent out a small office space with a coworker. Whatever your situation is for your office, it's a good idea to know exactly what to look for when visiting furniture stores. By keeping an eye out for the right furniture, you can make sure that you're able to work productively and that the office works great despite its size.

Consider the Placement of the Monitors for Privacy

While sharing an office with somebody can be a great way to collaborate on projects, it can also be troublesome if you are easily distracted. A good way to avoid getting distracted while working in a shared office is by simply keeping the monitors away from one another. By sharing an L-shaped desk, it can be difficult to look at each other's screens. By positioning the monitors in a way that is difficult to see from each other's chair, you'll be able to stay focused longer.

Some other good ideas for the layout of the furniture include two desks positioned in a way that you face towards each other, or on opposite sides of the room facing a wall.

Make Sure Enough Space is Provided for Each Person

While it can be difficult to set up a layout for your office that has enough room for two people, it's best to try out several different layouts on paper before moving furniture. By knowing the exact layout that will work for your needs ahead of time, you can make sure that plenty of space is provided and that you can choose furniture with the right measurements for your needs.

Keep Your Needs in Mind When Choosing Furniture

The kind of work that you do can play a big part in the kind of furniture you should purchase for your office. If you intend on doing digital design work most of the time, you may not need a lot of desk space, since you'll be typically handling everything on a large display monitor. For anything that involves a lot of paperwork, however, you want to make sure to have a large desk and even a file cabinet.

If you've decided to decorate an office for use at home or a shared office space elsewhere, you need to make sure to keep the needs of each person in mind. With the above tips, you can make sure that you're able to visit a furniture store with confidence and bring the furniture that will best fit your home office. Contact a company like D&R Office Works Inc. to learn more.