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Starting A Business Made 50% Easier

What To Do When Your Vacuum Cleaner Is Not Picking Up Dirt Properly

by Courtney Kennedy

There are many high-quality vacuum cleaners on the market that do a great job of picking up dirt, but if yours stops working, throwing it out and replacing it may not be the best choice. Many higher-priced and higher quality vacuums can be fixed, and most manufacturers will send you vacuum replacement parts if you need them. 

Repairing Your Vacuum

If you are comfortable taking your vacuum apart, you may be able to fix the problem yourself. Things like broken belts and blockages are straightforward to deal with and require vacuum replacement parts that are readily available. 

If the vacuum is broken and needs more complicated repairs, you might be able to do them, but you might be better off taking the vacuum to a dealer or repair center in the area. Something simple like a broken handle or a wheel that has broken will still require replacement parts, so you need to find a place to buy them locally or have the manufacturer send them to you. 

When working on the vacuum, unplug it even if you are changing a belt or installing new filters. If the machine comes on when you are not expecting it, you could be injured badly, which is not worth taking a chance with. 

Taking Your Vacuum For Service

If you cannot fix the vacuum yourself or are concerned about voiding the warranty on it, you may want to take it to a vacuum service center and have them work on it for you. These service centers may be brand-specific, or they may work on many different machines, but most of them have factory support so they can order vacuum replacement parts for any brand they are working on. 

For example, if you take your Hoover vacuum to a Hoover service center, they may be able to do warranty repairs, and they will use Hoover vacuum replacement parts, but check with the manufacturer because that is not always required. The service center often needs to be certified by the manufacturer much the same way a car repair shop does, but the manufacturer can direct you to a shop near you that is set up to deal with your vacuum repair needs. 

If you do not have a factory service center near you, talk to the manufacturer to see if they will cover repairs somewhere else or if they want you to ship the vacuum to them for repair. If the vacuum is no longer under any warranty, you can take it to a repair service that can get the vacuum replacement parts you need and get the machine running for you.

For more information about vacuum replacement parts, such as Hoover vacuum parts, contact a vacuum parts supplier in your area.