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Starting A Business Made 50% Easier

3 Patio Screen Enclosure Benefits Besides Bug Protection

by Courtney Kennedy

Bug protection and patio screen enclosures go hand in hand. The patio screens allow you to enjoy the outdoors without the invasion of gnats, mosquitoes, and other little bugs. While the bug protection is reason enough to add a patio home screen enclosure, you will find several other benefits from the enclosure as well.

Check out some of the benefits and ways you can transform an outdoor living space once you install a screen enclosure.

1. Bird & Squirrel Protection

Bugs are not the only creatures who may seek out disturbance on your back patio. While bugs may annoy you when you're on the patio, you could find unwelcome guests when you are not around. A patio screen enclosure offers protection from birds and squirrels who may venture onto your property.

Squirrels may seek out excess food or chew on various items like patio furniture. Birds can cause problems, especially when they fly over and leave droppings on the area. A screen enclosure offers full protection. You do not need to worry about bird droppings on outdoor patio furniture, especially furniture with padding or fabric.

If you enjoy eating on the patio, then you do not need to worry about birds or squirrels causing a disturbance or landing on tables you like to eat off of.

2. Less Glare

The installation of screens on your patio can provide a lot more shade away from direct sun. The shade and coverage can reduce glare for a number of relaxing tasks. For example, you may like to read the morning newspaper or complete a daily puzzle. You may like to scroll through your phone and read news stories.

With less sun glare, you do not need to struggle to find a comfortable position or constantly move around as the sun rotates. You also have the opportunity to install a patio television and see clearly without a ton of glare.

3. Dirt & Debris Prevention

A patio enclosure offers a key buffer space between your backyard and home. As you explore your yard, garden, or play with children, shoes can pick up a lot of dirt. Shoes can also carry dirt and mud during inclement weather like a rain storm. Set up a little shoe space on an enclosed porch. The space allows you to remove shoes and clean them.

When you enter the home, you will reduce the amount of debris inside the home and keep the space a lot cleaner. Without an enclosed screen, you would have to go straight into the home without any extra protection.

Benefits vary depending on the home, but you may find even more benefits with a screen enclosure installation on your patio.