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Starting A Business Made 50% Easier

Why You Might Want To Stock Up On Pressurized Growlers

by Courtney Kennedy

Pressurized growlers are devices used to transport beer, specifically a draft beer. The device works by providing an airtight seal that helps keep the beer fresh by stopping the leaking of CO2, allowing carbonation to remain. Here's why you might want to make use of one of these devices:

You Make Your Own Craft Beer

Are you a big fan of brewing your own beers at home? There may come a time when you are confident enough in your recipe that you want to start sharing your brews with others. By using pressurized growlers, you can essentially bottle your own craft beer at home and keep it tasting great until you are ready to take it to the party or your friend's house for the big game.

You Want to Buy Draft Beer at a Local Pub or Brewery and Take It Home

Plenty of local breweries and bars these days make their own craft beer as well. If they aren't bottling it themselves and are only serving by draft, you might want to take some home with you to drink at a later date. Show up to the brewery with your own pressurized growlers and you can pour your pint right into the air-tight container, preserving the beer's flavor until you are ready to drink it.

Clean Out a Keg

Growlers can also be used by a bar or a party where one beer keg needs to be swapped out for a new one because it is running low. This will ensure that no beer is wasted and that everyone can be served quickly and easily by putting the new keg into place. You can then pour the beer you saved in the growlers into a regular pint glass and no one will likely know the difference.

Closing Time

The party doesn't have to end just because the bar is closing. Bring a couple of large growlers with you and order enough beer before closing time to fill the growlers. You'll be able to keep the beer fresh (and street legal) in a closed container as you go out into the night

Draft beer can lose its quality over time due to its exposure to the air. As the beer loses its carbonation, flavor will begin to decrease. By storing your draft beer in a pressurized growler, you can maintain optimal conditions in order to ensure maximum flavor. Contact a local seller of pressurized growlers today for more information.