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Starting A Business Made 50% Easier

Choosing Colors For Your Custom Frames

by Courtney Kennedy

With custom frames you have the opportunity to choose the perfect combination of size, material, color, sheen, and more. Choosing that color is crucial because it can draw attention to or away from the picture itself. A successful frame color selection showcases the picture in the frame and doesn't let it blend in with the wall, yet it doesn't overpower the picture either. The color choice also depends on the location of the picture and its purpose in the room.

Standalone: Don't Interfere With the Picture

If the picture will sit freely on a desk or shelf, go for a neutral, unobtrusive frame. This picture is likely going to be an up-close item, and you don't need much around it. Blond wood, black plastic, and even a clear frame all work. In this case, you want something that won't take up much visual room and that will simply provide a border.

Wall Accents: Connecting the Wall and the Picture

If the picture will be on the wall, especially among a group of photos that have been arranged in a pattern, you have to be a little more careful with the choice. The frame is going to connect the wall color to the photo, and the frame will be the first thing that people often focus on. In other words, the color of the frame should not stand out too brightly on a white wall with a dark photo and vice versa, but it should be apparent. Go for an intermediate color; note that black frames do not always work here. Try to avoid clear frames as that doesn't give the eye something to focus on when the picture is viewed from across the room.

Long Views: Mat Color

The mat, or the material that sits in between the picture and the outer frame, also plays a role. Light pictures, black and white line art, and other items that could blend in with the traditional white mat should have a mat color that avoids blending in with the picture. For example, a photo that has a lot of white space is going to combine with the white mat to form a huge expanse of nothing, visually speaking. A colored mat that is sort of halfway between the picture and the frame would be perfect. Tan or beige could bridge the distance between a black frame and white picture nicely.

Also, darker photos and pictures may clash with a white mat. A mat color that complements the edge or main colors in the photo is best. For example, a picture with blue sky might do well with a darker blue mat color.

A custom framing company can help you choose the frame and mat color. Bring a photo of the place where the photo will be displayed as well as a sketch of the patterns you hope to have if hanging a lot of pictures together. That info will help the company put together the best custom frame for you.