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Starting A Business Made 50% Easier

Important Things To Consider When Hiring Commercial Janitorial Services

by Courtney Kennedy

Whether you run a small office space or a large office building, it's important to keep a business space professional in appearance. A big element of keeping a business looking professional is to keep it clean. It's worth the cost of professional help if you don't have the time or staff to keep the building clean on your own. If you have been considering hiring commercial janitorial services to maintain and clean your business, there are some important things you'll want to keep in mind.  

Evaluate Multiple Services

Similar to other types of services, you'll want to consult with more than one janitorial service to determine which company will best fit your needs. This will give you a chance to get more than one quote for how much it will cost per month. Some services may require an annual contract, while others may offer services that are month-to-month. Not all commercial janitorial companies offer the exact same services, so you'll want to make sure that you have all of your janitorial needs met by any company you hire.

Determine a Schedule for Services

Another important factor in hiring cleaning services is determining a schedule for cleaning. If you have a small office, then the frequency and the amount of cleaning may only need to be once or twice a week. For a large building with a lot of traffic, you may want to have regular bathroom cleaning, vacuuming, and office cleaning. Most commercial janitorial services will allow you to adapt your services if your cleaning needs have to be adjusted. Many commercial janitorial services can include day porter services, which means you'll have a person onsite throughout the day to maintain the cleaning needs at all times.

Include Cleaning Supplies

Depending on the cost, you may want to see if the commercial janitorial services include supplies. This may not be practical if you have a small office, but if you have a bigger company it might be worth having your janitorial company provide cleaning supplies. They can also stock bathroom supplies, which would include toilet paper and paper towels. Unless you have time to shop for the best prices on cleaning supplies, it's probably best to pay for a janitorial company to purchase the supplies needed to maintain the cleaning of your building.

While professional cleaning services can add extra cost to your company's monthly bills, the cost can add a lot of value. Customers will appreciate that your business has a clean and professional environment. It will save you and your employees time by being able to focus on work and not on cleaning. 

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