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Welcome to my blog! My name is Douglas Bernanke. I have always wanted to start a business and have had the finances and knowledge to do so. But something has always occurred in my life that has interfered, whether it be my sick mom or a brother who desperately needed help getting back on his feet. But I have kept the entrepreneurial flames burning and have continued to research and prepare for the day when I will finally take the plunge and start my business. If you are like me and want to be highly prepared and informed before jumping into the world of business, this is the blog for you!


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Starting A Business Made 50% Easier

What Business Owners May Not Know About Private Equity

by Courtney Kennedy

While many business owners may have little experience working with private equity investors, it is important to appreciate the numerous advantages that these firms will be able to provide businesses where they have invested. For those that are not aware of these advantages, there are a few advantages that are especially important.

Provide Outside Perspectives And Expertise

Private equity firms will typically invest in particular sectors or industries. This allows them to gain a level of expertise when it comes to the firms where they choose to invest. As a result, a business will often be able to gain valuable expertise that may allow them to utilize cutting edge practices or techniques to maximize productivity and profitability. Modernizing the firm's processes is only one way that private equity firms can help to improve enterprise profitability. During the investment process, the private equity firm will likely conduct a thorough analysis of the enterprise so that it will be able to assess the operational improvements that can be made.

Analyze The Operations To Limit Waste And Inefficiencies

Many businesses will have a number of practices and policies that are actually detrimental to the overall productivity and profitability of the enterprise. A common example of this can be a firm that had too many duplicate positions. This can rapidly lead to the firm's payroll substantially increasing, which can be a sizable drag on the profitability and valuation of the firm. Consolidating the workforce of a business may be one of the earliest steps that private equity will attempt to take as it can often have the most profound and rapid improvement on the business's value and profits.

Allow For Upgrades To Increase Scale

There are many firms that will find one of the main impediments to growth is adapting the firm to meet the scale that is needed. In addition to the investments in equipment that may be needed, the firm will also need to adapt its logistics to account for the increasing need for materials, storage, and shipping. Private equity firms will often have substantial expertise in scaling businesses to be much larger. In addition to direct expertise, the investment that the equity firm makes in the business can allow for much of the equipment that will be needed to scale to be procured. This can be an excellent option for businesses that may not be able to get a sufficient amount of traditional financing or that would also want to gain access to the expertise that a private equity firm can provide.

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