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Starting A Business Made 50% Easier

Four Necessary Components Of Exhibit Design For Ultimate Success

by Courtney Kennedy

Heading to trade shows can be a little stressful. You need to first secure your booth or exhibit space and confirm that you will be there. Then there the is the "little issue" of having an exhibit/booth that will attract plenty of attention. You have to avoid the most basic elements of exhibits if you are going to get the attention you want. Enlisting the help of a company that offers exhibit design services is exactly what you need to create the visual impact you want. An exhibit designer knows that your presentation needs the following four necessary components of exhibit design for ultimate success.

The "Hook"

A hook is something that catches the eye. Shining, dazzling, attention-grabbing, and/or entertaining exhibits always catch the eye. Your hook also has to be something that is automatic and repeatable without adding excess expense every time you use it, or while it is in use. 

Spotlights, blinking colors or disco lights, glitter and chrome, someone famous or someone singing—all of these fit the bill for your "hook." Your exhibit designer will find exactly what fits you and represents your business best. This is the first component you will need, so decide on a very good one.

The Focus

The focus is the component that makes people look at something and stay focused on it. This is your chance to get your business's name stuck in their heads and really make them stay at your exhibit to learn more. Sometimes, a double-decker exhibit with a "focus" on the second deck is the ideal thing. If you cannot afford a double-decker exhibit, your exhibit designer will have lots of other options that will accomplish the same goal, or better.

The Take-aways

Clearly, you want guests at your exhibit to take away information about your business. Yet, you also want them to take away a lot more than that. The take-aways, in this case, are your freebies. These include pamplets, brochures, free pens or pencils with your business info on them, Frisbees, hats, shirts, bags for carrying everything, etc..

Of course, your take-aways are worthless if you cannot get people to even walk up to the exhibit and take a look. That is why the first two components above are so important. You want visitors to almost be in a trance of interest and/or awe. Then they are really content to take everything free that you have to give them. The most noteworthy visitors are those that want to know more, at which point you can take them aside to discuss things at length, or you can schedule meetings with all interested parties so that you have quite a bit of work to do coming up after the trade show.

The Views

Finally, you need views. Three-hundred-sixty-degree views are best, because they allow your visitors to walk all the way around and even through your exhibit (if your design calls for it). When visitors can move all about your exhibit/booth, you have so many more opportunities to engage them and talk about your business. You can also use interactive devices or TVs with informational videos playing, which gets visitors engaged and keeps them engaged with viewing the material. Of course, you will need videos that are entertaining enough to do that, but your exhibit designer can help with that, too. 

Get Started Now

If you are going to several trade shows this year, you do not have much time. You need to give your exhibit designer plenty of time to create designs with that "wow!" factor in them, and then pay for the exhibits to be built. This cannot be done in a day or even a week, so you should get started now.