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Welcome to my blog! My name is Douglas Bernanke. I have always wanted to start a business and have had the finances and knowledge to do so. But something has always occurred in my life that has interfered, whether it be my sick mom or a brother who desperately needed help getting back on his feet. But I have kept the entrepreneurial flames burning and have continued to research and prepare for the day when I will finally take the plunge and start my business. If you are like me and want to be highly prepared and informed before jumping into the world of business, this is the blog for you!


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Starting A Business Made 50% Easier

    Reasons to Hire Professionals for Well Drilling

    More homeowners are engaging in well drilling because they want to take advantage of natural resources. Installing a water well in your residential property ensures you're not completely reliant on the municipality's water supply. In addition, having a supplementary source of water significantly reduces your water bill, especially if your house has many occupants. However, water well drilling isn't a project you should undertake without professional guidance. Hiring professionals to drill your well ensures your water system is updated the right way.

    How Can a Handyman Help Seniors Age in Place Safely at Home?

    Many seniors are interested in staying in their homes for as long as possible. Your home is a more familiar environment, and it provides quite a bit more privacy than an assisted living facility or nursing home. If you're planning on aging in your own place, then it's important that you modify your home in order to make it as safe as possible for you to stay there. Thankfully, many accommodations for aging can be easily installed by a handyman service.

    Steps For Workers To Take When Purchasing Storm Coats

    It's a must to have appropriate gear on when working around rainy environments. There are shoes, gloves, and pants that can protect you from these wet situations, but a storm coat actually is one of the most important since it will cover most of your upper body. Take these actions when searching for said rain gear and you'll have no lingering problems staying comfortable in any wet work situations.  Determine if Color Is an Important Factor or Not

    Two Reasons to Call a Bail Bonding Agent After Being Locked Up

    Being arrested and thrown in jail is one of those occurrences that is hard to plan for. You can be locked up for so many different reasons, many of them completely off of your radar until they actually happen. Do you have a protocol set in place to follow should you ever find yourself behind bars? If not, read further to see why one of the best things you can do is contact a bail bonding agent immediately.

    Situations When Propane Gas Delivery Is A Good Idea

    Propane gas isn't one of those substances that you have to pick up yourself. Of course, this is an option, but there are also professional delivery services that enable homeowners and businesses to get different quantities delivered. These are some reasons why propane gas delivery services may be worth the extra fees. Pickup Locations Aren't Close If you are situated in a remote place of the country, accessing propane tanks yourself could be pretty difficult.

    What To Do When Your Vacuum Cleaner Is Not Picking Up Dirt Properly

    There are many high-quality vacuum cleaners on the market that do a great job of picking up dirt, but if yours stops working, throwing it out and replacing it may not be the best choice. Many higher-priced and higher quality vacuums can be fixed, and most manufacturers will send you vacuum replacement parts if you need them.  Repairing Your Vacuum If you are comfortable taking your vacuum apart, you may be able to fix the problem yourself.

    Why It's Important To Make Sure You Buy The Right Filter For Your Dust Collection System

    If you have a dust collection system in use in your place of business, you might appreciate the fact that this system can be used for collecting dust from the air in your facility. You should be able to count on your dust collection system to last for a while, but you will need to purchase filters for it. When it's time to buy filters for your dust collection system, make sure that you choose the right filter for the following reasons and more.

    Want To Expedite The Release Process? 3 Reasons Why Hiring A Bail Bond Company Is A Brilliant Approach

    No matter how careful you are, getting arrested is one of the most challenging experiences you might have to deal with. It can be very distressing to be booked for a crime and spend a night in a cell. It can get even more complicated when you attend the bail hearing, and the judge states that you will not be released until you pay the outlined bail amount. In fact, it becomes more devastating when you do not have the money to offset the bail.